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Don't let your home value go up in smoke!

Updated Sunday, August 18, 2013
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I grew up in a home where both of my parents were smokers, all of my friends parents smoked. Actors on TV and movies were often seen with a cigarette in their hand. You could walk into any business or office and see ashtrays on desks and work counters.

For decades smoking was something that was common place, almost everyone smoked and many social gatherings were centered on sharing a cigarette. (At least according to the cigarette ads)

Today it is very different. The smokers are now the minority, a somewhat ostracized segment of our society, they are sent outside to segregated areas to enjoy their habit. You are no longer allowed to smoke in most public spaces. (Even some outdoor places have banned smoking)

This shift has impacted home sales as well and smoking in the home may actually lower the re-sale value of your home.

Check out the results of this recent survey:

Pfizer Canada, a leading biopharmaceutical company, recently sponsored a survey of Realtors conducted by Leger Marketing, which concluded that 87 per cent of Ontario real estate agents and brokers surveyed said smoking in the home lowers resale value. Eighty-nine per cent said smoked-in homes are more difficult to sell.

Fifty-six per cent said most buyers are less likely to buy a home where people have smoked and 27 per cent said most buyers are actually unwilling to buy a home where people have smoked.

The number one reason given was smell; number two was health (second- and third-hand smoke).


Smoking has a huge impact on how appealing a home may be to a prospective buyer. A buyer walking into a home where the seller smokes starts to see dollar signs. How much will it cost to get rid of the smell? They start to think about ripping out carpets and painting the entire house.

If you are a smoker and you are thinking of selling your home, a little bit of hard work will go a long way to helping you achieve a higher selling price for your home

 Here are some things that you can do to get started. First, stop smoking in the house until after you move. Do not try to sneak a cigarette, the buyers will know!   

Remove and wash all bedding, curtains, throw rugs and other “soft” items in your home that absorb odours. Wash and sanitize all hard surfaces, walls, counters, cupboards, floors etc. Shampoo or steam clean any carpets, or if they are older consider replacing them with inexpensive laminate flooring.Open all windows while you are cleaning to air out the house. Add a few air fresheners, make sure that it is a light scent.

Do not let your home value go up in smoke! Call your Realtor before you are ready to sell so that you can get some great tips and tricks to rid your home of the smell so that you can attract more potential buyers to your home.

Would you like more tips and tricks on getting your home ready for sale? Register for my next seminar!


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Julie Jenkins

Julie Jenkins